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Read all your regular columnists including Kevin Trask, Jim Sherlock, Ted Ryan, Cheryl Threadgold, Gavin Wood, Aaron Rourke, Mike McColl Jones, Nick Le Souef, Ash Long, Kyle Galley, David Ellis, Rob Foenander, John O'Keefe and Len Baker, plus cartoonist Matt Bissett-Johnson.

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 Every Month: your free 'National Observer' Liftout

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Every month, the Melbourne Observer includes the free National Onserver/Travel Montly liftout with the latest travel ideas from around Australia. Click here to read latest issues.



 A favourite with Victorians since 1969


Observer celebrates its rich 47-year heritage

The Melbourne Observer celebrated the 47th anniversary of its first edition on September 14, 1969. We published a special souvenir edition on Wednesday, September 17, 2014. Click here to read more about Victoria's independent weekly newspaper which started life as the Sunday Observer.



 Advertisers expand their reach


Hit your target market with the Observer

An advertising campaign in the Melbourne Observer extends powerfully across Victoria. Our newspaper - now in its 46th year of publication - is a paid-circulation newspaper. People buy copies of the Observer at hundreds of newsagencies across the state every week. And they read the newspapers, free, online - at this website (see below, at right).

The Melbourne Observer is most powerful in two key demographics: the 29-54 and the 55-and-over age groups. We tend to reach a higher-spending readership. They are no fools when it comes to spending decisions, but when they do decide to buy, they spend well. Our readers are big travellers, particularly in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. Women comprise 72 per cent of our readership.


Your Favourite Columns in the Observer

Mike McColl Jones. Ash Long. Matt Bissett-Johnson, cartoonist.  Melbourne Confidential. Victoria Pictorial. Freemasons Victoria. West Hollywood with Gavin Wood. Travel and Wine with David Ellis. Yvonne Lawrence. Kevin Trask. 'The Outback Legend', Nick Le Souef. Observer Classic Books. Country Crossroads. Radio Confidential. Movies and DVDs with Jim Sherlock and Aaron Rourke. Cheryl Threadgold. Lovatts Crossword. Greyhounds with Kyle Galley. Racing with Ted Ryan. Harness Racing with Len Baker.


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 Latest News


New Newspaper launched

Local Media Pty Ltd is proud to announce another new weekly publication, The New Free Press.

The New Free Press is available free every Wednesday - in print and online - for the people on the outer-eastern outskirts of Melbourne.

The New Free Press covers Yarra Ranges and Mountain District. Find out more at www.NewFreePress.com.au 

Newspaper launched

Local Media Pty Ltd is proud of the stunning progress  its  new weekly publication, The Local Paper.

The Local Paper is available free every Wednesday - in print and online - for the people on the north-eastern outskirts of Melbourne.

The Local Paper covers parts of the municipalities of Murrindindi, Nillumbik, Whittlesea and Yarra Ranges. Find out more at www.LocalPaper.com.au 



 Observer Collectables

Big prices for old papers


Collectors of Melbourne Observer memorabilia are doing well on eBay. Old copies (1971) are selling for $4 each. The Watchamacallit annual has a $47.99 price tag. The 1981 Observer's Grand Final poster is selling for $55.



 Thanks to our 'Every-Week' Advertisers

The Melbourne Observer newspaper works hard for its advertisers. You will see paid major display advertisements in EVERY weekly issue of the Melbourne Observer from these organisations (alphabetically):

* 84 The Spit Apartments

* Airlok Car Cave

* Ambler Adelaide Hills

* Animals On The Move

* Aradale Ghost Tours

* Art With Distinction

* Aussie Resort

* Australian By Design

* Australian Getaway Tours
* Autosol

* Bandicoot Brewing

* Beach Street Apartments

* Boyd Dance Academy

* Camberwell Sewing Centre

* City Golf Club

* The Clothes Barn

* Comfort Inn and Suites Mari Court

* The Convenient Kitchen

* Coolum Baywatch Resort

* Coolum Seaside Apartments

* Cupcakes Delivered

* Darwin's Barra Base

* Diamond Cove Resort

* DirecFresh / NicenFresh

* Echo 4x4 Campers

* Elysium Holiday Apartments

* Finders Keypers

* Fitzroy Island Resort

* Fitzroy Readers

* Formplex

* Gilmours Comfort Shoes

* Golden Days Radio

* Grosvenor In Cairns

* GutzBusta

* Health And Mobility

* Hygeia

* Ivanhoe Grammar School

* Ivanhoe Cycles

* JJ's Photography

* Logic eCigs

* Lone Pine Fencing

* Marrakesh Apartments

* Mattresses Galore

* Metro Cinemas Boronia

* Mike's Carpet Discounters

* New Age Caravans

* Ovenu

* Pacific Regis

* The Pavilions Port Douglas

* Pemberley Equestrian

* Penta Block

* Print Depot

* Professional Quilting Service

* Providence Lodge

* Reliable Hot Water

* Rich Glen Olive Oil

* Ritter Australia

* Rosenow Industries

* Royal Sleep

* Saffron Grove

* San Remo Ballroom

* Sandy Shores On Golden Beach

* Sapphire City Motor Inn

* SCWL (Subliminal CDs)

* Sedona Estate

* SGI Aged Care

* Shady Characters

* Sholley Trolley

* Shop Inside

* SLR Caravans

* St John of God (Frankston Rehab. Hospital)

* Start Fresh Finance

* Swaggers Motor Inn

* Tilco Engineering

* Tribute Funeral Services

* Tri State Safaris

* USA to Aus.com

* Vineyard Cottages

* The Waterford Prestige Apartments

* Wheels of America

* Windward Passage Apartments

* K & J Woolley Master Plumbers



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