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Monday, July 23, 2018


‘Girly’ coloured wines: by John Rozentals

I’ve constantly been surprised at how Australian consumers treat wines that are pink in colour. Have they been avoided in male company because our ‘blokey’ culture somehow rates pink as a ‘girly’ colour. I fear so. And our winemakers probably haven’t helped over the years by delivering so many pink wines with residual sweetness, I

Your Stars, with Kerry Kulkens

ARIES: (March 21- April 20) Lucky Colour: Dark GreenLucky Day: WednesdayRacing Numbers: 4-8-1-3Lotto Numbers: 2-16-23-25-33-40You may have to be more discerning about the company you keep. Your impulse is to trust people on sight. However, you could be wrong during this period. Do not tell anyone anything you do not have to. TAURUS: (April 21-

Long Shots, with Ash Long

EAT EM ALIVE TIGES Richmond becomes the team for just about every Vic-torian this Saturday in the AFL Grand Final at the MCG against the Adelaide Crows. Tigers star Dustin Martin started the week well for the yellow-and-black army by winning the Brown-low by a clear margin from Geelong’s disqualified Patrick Dangerfield. Idea for Charlie

Top 5 with Mike McColl Jones

THE TOP 5 THINGS THAT ARE FASTER THAN WINX 5. A parking officer putting a ticket on your windscreen. 4. An MP claiming for items on their overseas trip. 3. A price increase from energy companies. 2. The AFL removing the ‘Yes’ sign. 1. Sophie Monk finding a camera lens.

John Rozentals reports on the Mudgee Wine Show

JOHN ROZENTALS reports on the rise of riesling at the annual Mudgee Wine Show. Mudgee, in the Central West of NSW, has built a reputation over some 150 years for its heroically structured and flavoured dry reds, but after this month’s Mudgee Wine Show critics will have to at least partly reassess their thinking. The