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Monday, June 18, 2018

Sweet Charity, by OCPAC

‘Twas the ‘fickle finger of fate’ that brought me to OCPAC ‘s (Old Carey Performing Arts Club) fabulous production of Sweet Charity. What luck, I loved this show.
Director Evan Lever assembled a brilliant cast. Every character was alive on stage. It was easy to be immersed in all that was going on. The songs were vibrant, colourful, harmonic. The dancing (whilst not elaborate) very inclusive and suited the times, the band filling the space boldly. Everyone in this large cast was giving it their all, they had a lot to give.
Sweet Charity is not a traditional love story with the usual happy ending but more an expression of the seedier way of life in the US in the sixties.
A time of promiscuity and the desire for the impossible, love. Familiar big band songs such as Big Spender, The Rhythm of Life, If My Friends Could See Me Now were exhibited with gusto.
The entire cast from ensemble to chorus made every moment matter. All sang, acted and danced with purpose and pride.
changes kept the show moving. It was easy to be drawn in.
Whilst Josie Marchant ( Charity) played this role with poise and optimism and was terrific the standout for me was Kristen Mihales (Nickie) with her sassy manner and ‘Bronx’ accent.
It is hard to pick people out as everyone played their part, but another mention for his comedic timing and vulnerable manner was Oliver Cowen (Oscar Lindquist).
The production team led by Lachlan Graham assembled a show with a terrific set and there was thoughtful lighting by Declan O’Neill.
If you have the opportunity, go along before season end, otherwise keep your eyes open for other shows directed by Lever or produced by OCPAC as I am sure for this company the professional standard of this show was no fluke.
PS parking is a cinch!
– Review by Elizabeth Semmel

Pictured: Kristen Mihalos, Josie Marchant, Ruby Cesan. Photo: Ben Fon

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