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Monday, June 18, 2018

Your Stars, with Kerry Kulkens

ARIES: (March 21- April 20)
Lucky Colour: Dark GreenLucky Day: WednesdayRacing Numbers: 4-8-1-3Lotto Numbers: 2-16-23-25-33-40You may have to be more discerning about the company you keep. Your impulse is to trust people on sight. However, you could be wrong during this period. Do not tell anyone anything you do not have to.
TAURUS: (April 21- May 20)
Lucky Colour: RustLucky Day: SaturdayRacing Numbers: 4-3-7-2Lotto Numbers:         10-21-28-31-40-42Stubbornness will not gain any favours during this period even if you believe your way is the right one. Tact and diplomacy will put influential people in the mood to further your career aims.
GEMINI: (May 21- June 21)
Lucky Colour: Pastel PinkLucky Day:   MondayRacing Numbers: 4-1-6-2Lotto Numbers: 3-12-16-23-32-42If you are not completely open and above board, you will be caught out. Your social life gains momentum as many people seek your company. Love affairs could have you in a whirl.
CANCER: (June 22- July 22)
Lucky Colour: BlueLucky Day:   ThursdayRacing Numbers: 3-3-6-2Lotto Numbers: 2-18-28-30-31-43Seek the advice of your partner or relatives in any important projects you have in mind. Someone with influence could offer financial backing or something prove less expensive than you thought. For most of you there is a wider choice than usual in their love life.
LEO: (July 23- August 22)
Lucky Colour: YellowLucky Day:   SaturdayRacing Numbers: 9-2-7-1Lotto Numbers: 4-17-27-34-35-40Most will gain through partnerships and staying on the known path. Rash actions when dealing with others can be bringing some financial upsets for many.
VIRGO: (August 23- September 23)
Lucky Colour: VioletLucky Day:   WednesdayRacing Numbers: 5-1-7-5Lotto Numbers: 3-15-26-34-40-41Your mind should be in top gear. Energy levels should be high and you are ready to tackle anything. For many a missed chance returns better than ever. The wiser will be working at keeping fit.
LIBRA: (September 24- October 23)
Lucky Colour: ApricotLucky Day: SundayRacing Numbers: 7-2-5-4Lotto Numbers:        1-8-28-30-32-44Colour could be playing an important part in your life and most will be beautifying themselves and their surrounds – stick to paler shades for more harmonious results. Past contacts could be interesting.
SCORPIO: (October 24- November 22)
Lucky Colour: Navy BlueLucky Day:   FridayRacing Numbers: 4-3-1-8Lotto Numbers:       11-13-29-33-40-41Look before you leap – with a little caution your affairs will progress smoothly. Do not confide in people you do not really know or your secrets will not stay that way.
SAGITTARIUS: (November 23- December 20)
Lucky Colour: RedLucky Day:   MondayRacing Numbers: 6-3-8-4Lotto Numbers:       20-23-30-36-37-43Do not neglect any health problems – now could be the right time to offset future trouble by giving your body additional care. Friends will be full of advice – be tactful but follow your own heart in making romantic decisions.
CAPRICORN: (December 21- January 19)
Lucky Colour: GoldLucky Day: SaturdayRacing Numbers: 4-6-1-7Lotto Numbers:        2-10-13-34-40-44If you continue to carry the problem s of others, the weight could become too much and your  resentment could explode and cause a separation. A new way ahead opens up to many.
AQUARIUS: (January 20- February 19)
Lucky Colour: OrangeLucky Day: ThursdayRacing Numbers: 4-5-1-8Lotto Numbers:      11-23-34-35-38-45If you cannot change something then learn to live with it. Setting a good example for others to follow could bring offers you could not imagine. Guard possessions against theft loss.
PISCES: (February 20- March 20)
Lucky Colour:   OrangeLucky Day:   ThursdayRacing Numbers: 4-5-1-8Lotto Numbers:       11-23-34-35-38-45Impulse action will cause accidents. Personal affairs should have a favourable outcome and some could be fanning up an old flame. However, do not repeat past mistakes.

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